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tv   Quadriga - The International Talk Show  LINKTV  October 14, 2016 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> welcome to "quadriga." our topic today -- the latest turn in an election that never ceases to surprise. a week after the release of an 11-year-old tape in which donald trump bragged about sexual assault on women, the republican party is in disarray with leading republicans announcing they will no longer support candidate. numbers appear to be in freefall just a few weeks after he seemed to be closing in on hillary clinton. is notnsists he
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quitting. sex, lies, and videotape. is strong finished -- is trump finished? that's our question today. it's a pleasure to welcome the berlin bureau chief of "the new york times," and she says she never believed donald trump would win but in this race, a lot of things have an unexpected and that's why she's careful with predictions. we welcome the business editor of "the berlin daily," who 's problem is not his sexism. it's that he talks about sex. an anglo to have german author and regular commentator for a berlin-based newspaper back on the show. trump might even gain from the episode. polls are indeed taking a dramatic turn downward for mr.
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trump. the factct is that there is alws a very dynamic phase in this final stage of the race as undecided voters finally begin to make up their mind. how much of a role is this whole .ex tape really playing >> as i believe andy rosenthal wrote yesterday on the day before, this showed us a donald trump who we basically knew was , very clearly showing us mode. trump in that now other women have come forward to "the new york times" and assure they will come forward to other media, too, saying they can name other incidents where he behaved inappropriately. as with the entire phenomenon, to suddenly say, "oh, my gosh, we did not know that this was i think everybody sort
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of did know. if this affects the race, i'm not so sure. they're being constant surprises this year, not just in the united states, but think about brexit, for instance. what i think we can see is a the certainties we thought we had our kind of shifting before our eyes. everybody is adjdjusting to that shifting reality. there could be another big surprise before polling day, but right now, it would appear that donald trump has scant chance of winning. i still would not rule him out completely. my favorite example is think of a group of people who arrange on facebook or some other means of communication, "ok, we are for trump. let's each take 10 people with
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day."voting you can do that and it flies under the radar of any kind of traditional opinioion p polling. we know hillary clinton is very well organized by conventional measures, but precisely what has not really worked this year is convention. >> let's come back to the mechanics of the race and issues such as pulling. let me pick up on your remarks just foundimes" has to do women who confirmed it was not only locker room talk on the tape. withaid you would agree donald trump that he simply said what bill clinton did, but apparently according to these claims now published by "the times," this was not just talk. one woman has a very clear account of him physically groping her on a plane. deeds behinde were
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these words. >> it is difficult is the only men in the room to sort of say what i am saying. any man who is honest with tell you it is true what donald trump says. men -- not every group of men, not every time, but men talk like that. the second thing is trump groups women because he thinks they want that. he is an oath and if you'll -- a clinton usedl state troopers to procure his women. he slept with an intern at the white house, and hillary's reaction was to say he had a , bimbo -- that's her word -- meaning the women he slept with. this is also horrible. i'm just saying it's not a republican problem. it's not even a specific trump problem.
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it is a mail problem and a problem for females, women, who cover for ththis kind of man.. trump says he is unshackled now because the republican party is disowning him. i wonder what he will dig up on hillary and bill, and it will not be nice. >> as tempting as it is now to open up discussion on bill clinton, i'm going to leave that aside because otherwise, we will not face the topic at hand. you implied you thought trump could come back from these allegations, potentially perhaps also from two women going to "the times" and telling their story, but the fact is he needs women voters. they make up the majority of the undecided voters. do you really think ththey are going to take same view you just gave us? was always his base white males of a certain education -- >> but he has got to broaden that, doesn't he?
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males might find hispanic feeling that this macho way of talking is kind of nice or even black males saying the same thing. you might even find the kind of -- i mean, listen to country music. even when sung by women, it's all about that kind of man, and man"it is "stand by your because, after all, he is just a man. i really do not know what might or might not happen, and i really wish women would rise up and say he has had it. i do not think that is going to happen. >> i think the problem is a different one. i think everyone always knew as you justan oaf, said, and that he was sexist as well. that was common knowledge, but i think the problem is that he , and the voters he has to catch are these conservative and religious
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voters, and they do not want to talk about sex. it's different in europe. everyone talks about sex. >> actually, he had talked about sex plenty before. remember the debate during the primary when he more or less bragged about the size and effectiveness of his sexual equipment? he'sifference here is talking about assault, molestation. >> exactly. -- i agreeink that that he never had much chance with women. i think it just drove home again that he was sex-driven. perhaps it is not a problem for conservative voters, but i cannot imagine all these tea party guys voting for him not their idea of how you should behave as a
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churchgoing president. or perhaps it is not a problem. i cannot really tell. >> in a way, it's great that it is happening. remember when bill clinton did this stuff? the republican party was up in arms. a question of character. >> it was not just the republican party. saying herybody brought public discourse down to kind of a . well, here we go. now, the same democrats who defended bill clinton saying that as his private matter -- now, they are all accusing trump , and the great thing is the question of who is for what, and the whole moral issue, the cultural wars have been declared invalid. -- theublican values
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republican party supporting a sexist oaf. >> actually, the republican party is by no means united anymore supporting donald trump. your paper published a long list who are nowns deserting what they clearly perceived to be a sinking ship. among the most recently john mccain, arnold schwarzenegger, condoleezza rice all saying they cannot vote for mr. trump. is there a certain element of hypocrisy? it has been perfectly clear for a long time -- >> politics would not exist without hypocrisy, but i would like to go back to your point that what happens afterwards is really kind of the important thing here. if it is the culture wars or whatever, these are all
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substitutes for what is essentially a strugglele for power, which, traditionally, in the united states has been fight between democrats and republicans, broadly speaking, center right, or broadly speaking more left, but i'm not sure left and right are particularly helpful because those european terms do not really apply when you get to u.s. politics. i think it is much more interesting to see what will remain this fight the day after there is a decision, and what will the reality after the election due to resolve the basic issues that it has thrown up, and which will not be solved by the choice of either clinton or trump, per se. >> can we come back to that a little bit later? i want to focus on that, but i would like to take a brief look first at the storm that has been
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unleashed by release of the tape, and in particulalar, the twitter storm that mr. trump himself has now unchanged. -- has nownged unchained. launched a blistering attack on paul ryan, the country's highest ranking republican. it is hard to do well when paul ryan and others give zero support. trump called ryan a very weak and ineffective leader. and then this -- it's so nice the shackles have been taken off me and i can now fight for america the way that i want to. >> as i said, your opening statement implies that you do think trump can come back from this, but does he not need the republican party organization wherere his own campaign organization is so weak on the ground, particularly in swing states -- doesn't he need their backing?
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he is now absolutely flouting them. >> the first thing you have to say is, again, he is right in that he has cast off the shackles. 't votesays now he can for trump, and he could vote for someone who called mexicans rapists, and who said on a tv show that a woman has blood coming out of her? that was all right? come on. all these people that are now against trunk from the republican party, guys -- and gals, some of them -- you are too late. if he is casting them off, i think it will galvanize his .upport i think he really has a chance his whole pitch has been, "i'm the new guy, not part of the establishment. i say what i think. i do what i say."
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thisnk it is working with aggressive, resentment-laden male voter who says, "finally, there is a guy who is a real macho and does not kowtow to these washington politicals." >> am not even sure it is resentment-laden people. americans are always questining for something new. there's a willingness to say maybe this guy will shake things up. i found it interesting. bone, the- ken unexpected hit of the second debate, who were his red sweater , posed a question about energy. he became an internet sensation for at least five minutes, and he sort of said economically, he ought to be going with trump because he works in the coal
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sector and trump sort of echoes more closely the nature of his day to day problems, but it would be impossible for him personally to do that beuse things l like marriagege equaliy and other rights that have been won by minorities are two hard-fought victory -- too to beought a victory given up. i found it interesting because this was not someone who was eitherg at the mouth on floor. he was taking a very sanguine look and he did not out of hand reject trump p plus argument whe at the same time praising things that are much more likely to put in the hillary camp. >> you are right when you say the conservative establishment could have somehow -- be angry with trump before because of what he had said. i think the interesting thing is that i think that is what this is all about.
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showedvey has clearly -- the conservative establishment was just looking for a good reason to somehow get away from trump before it is too late for them. for them, it is clear that they will lose the race for presidency. now the only question is how to keep the majority in the house and what to do afterward. ofy do not want to be part the sinking ship, so they all went overboard as soon as possible. the video was just an excuse to get rid of trump, but they would have found another excuse if this video had not been excavated. >> particularly strange is the that some of those who jumped ship are now halfway trying to climb back on. 405 members said they were not
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really rejecting the top of the take it, but we just kind of a little disturbed about the tape. party is inan tremendous disarray. do you really believe that polls are so inaccurate that at the end of the day they can come back from this to win the election, both for the presidency and both chambers of the congress? >> well, yes, i do. short answer. the problem is, really, the party is in disarray because it has nothing to do. everything the party stands for, the party of abraham lincoln, for god sake, has nothing to do with what trump stands for. i hate what he said about women. the real problem is what he is saying about mr. putin, for instance, that he thinks he is a nice guy. he could get on with him. or the fact that he says in the same breath he could deal with and with a stroke of a pen
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what he would do with this war on immigration. these are the real problems, that he has no coherent policy in the policy he has has nothing to do with the sort of small government, basically liberal in the economic sense policies that, shall we say, mitt romney or ronald reagan stood for. this is the really terrible thing. if he actually got into the white house, what wowould he do with that party? would he do with that position of power? who would he a point to govern with him? very unclear. >> he might form a new party. >> very possibly. we have known they republican party has been in some disarray for some years. the appearance of the tea party has basically forced an ideological struggle upon the republicans, and that has been in full swing for at least the past two major national
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elections if not longer. assessment of many people was that the approach taken by donald trump at this latest debate and the approach he is essentially using now that he is unshackled is to throw red meat at his core voters, many of whom are disgusted with the party elite in the republican ranks. let's take a look at one of withholde trump voters my colleagues in the u.s. spoke. aroundchilton shows us his property in arizona, more than 200 square kilometers. part of it runs along the border with mexico. chilton says the u.s. government is not doing enough to protect him and other local ranchers from mexican smugglers. these e ctures werere taken last 'sar by hidddden camer onn jim prproperty. >> hililarious to think that the united states boundary on my 4-strandnothing but a a
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barb wire fence. >> jim says the border authorities should replace that with a real fans plus checkpoioints and more frequent patrols. right now, the nearerest border station is about three houours nonorth of here. >> whyhy not have a wall and ros , and why not allow people to come into this country legally? believeid not really trump's boasting when it came to his prowess with women. do you believe his claims about building a wall? followthink he will through if elected? >> why not? i think he could do it. he might not get mexico to pay for it as he says he will, but he can do what that rancher said. there already is along the rio protectiveole lot of devices. all he needs to do is increase that. of course he can do it.
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he is part of a trend. we have just a few minutes left, and i really would like to come back to the question posed earlier on about what happens on the day after. two of you agree that the day will be in the hands of hillary clinton. one of you believes it could be in the hands of donald trump. regardless of who you think will win, a lot of ghosts has been let out of the bottle in the course of this election. we have had some of the most vulgar, poisonous discourse we have ever seen in a u.s. election. what happens after this election ? how does the u.s. come back from that? >> the most important question is if republicans will have a majority in the house and senate. they would just continue what they did when obama was president, obstruct every kind
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nopolicy and claim there was political aim worth fighting for. words, that is exactly the recipe for a continuation of what we have now. >> the paralysis and polarization. >> exactly, and that is something republicans apparently do notot understanand. i do not have the feeling paul ryan understands why republicans are losingowower. aey still think that it is very good idea to just continue constructing policy or politics. the basic issue that has to be addressed is that the majority of americans lose out. for the last 40 years, salaries in real terms have not risen for the majority, but everything became more expensive. >> summarizing middle-class income in the past year. >> yes, but you can look at statistics for the last 40
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years. nothing happened for the majority. at the same time, everything became more expensive, especially university. that was why there was such a big student unrest. that's why they supported bernie sanders. and you really have to address these issues if you want the united states to be a country that can be ruled. >> another aspect -- we have seen some very strong denigrating of u.s. institutions on behalf of donald trump. your paper found the most this serving aspect of the most recent debate not the discussion of the sex tape, but donald trump's call for a special prosecutor who would throw hillary clinton in jail. that is not t u.s. constitutionl democracy. that does -- does that do damage to institutions? >> is certainly test those institutions, and i think we need to ask ourselves the very basic question -- what is democracy?
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, as a german historian said one of his last interviews before he died sadly earlier this year -- democracy must be defended, is what he said. i think that is the basic question we all have to ask ourselves. kind of forget all this storm and drank about every peccadillo of mr. trump -- kind of forget drang aboutrm and every peccadillo of mr. trump every e-mail of mrs. clinton and move beyond those particular issues to the basic question of what we will do with our future. we all know the world is changing rapidly. some of the reason why we have seen people like mr. trump rise is because people are looking for what they perceive to be certainty in a very quickly shifting world. so it is up to us to sort of orient ourselves toward our
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basic values, and there, the question is -- will the republican party finally sort of , and will itate continue to have influence through the senate and house, or is there a prospect of a democratic majority? >> briefly, if you would please, what happens to donald trump himself? you say he is not finished and he will go back to business as usual? >> he forms a misogynistic party to fight hillary clinton. if he is in the presidency, he also forms a fascist party to ensure the continuation of his rule. if he loses, america is even more divided than it is now. that is what he is going to do. >> very dystopian last words. thank you very much to all of you for being with us today and thanks to all of you out there for tuning in. see you simply.
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